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Share with us & Get Free Gift

How to share with us?

1. Share media post on your personal Social Media
a. Website link: 
Share www.diyhomever.com on your page post or recommend us to your friends.
b. Buyer show:
If you once purchased products on our website, you can take photos or vedios for finished DIY products.

Social Media Links below(Any one is ok):

2. Send Buyer show to us with emails
If you don't want to post on your personal social media, you can also send your Buyer show(Finished Products Photos/vedios) to our customer service.

How to contact us and get a free Gift?
1. Share on your personal Social Media and take a screenshot(show: Name/post/time)
2. Send Emails to us.
3. Our Customer Service will reply soon and confirm gifts you want

1. Plz take a clear screenshot with your social media post, so we can reply asap.
2. Please be patient and wait for our reply. If you follow the above steps to complete the sharing and provide a valid screenshot, we will definitely give the gift to you. Sometimes there are too many messages to reply in chronological order.
3. Each customer can participate in this sharing activity multiple times.
4. Customers who do not want to share on social media can send the finished buyer show to our customer service, and we will display your buyer show on our website(Please rest assured that it will not be used for other purposes).
5.About Gift: Maybe any product sold on our website (Surprise price range from €7.99 to €59.99!) or a coupon, which you can choose.
6. If you don’t understand, you can consult our customer service: service@diyhomever.com