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DIY Mysterious Diamond Painting-Colorless Canvas Random Pattern

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[Enjoy the unknown happiness]-Mysterious diamond painting, this is a colorless canvas with only symbols corresponding to the drill bit. The mystery of colorless canvas will always arouse your attention and curiosity. You will not know the completed pattern until the entire picture is completed.

[Life needs mystery and surprises]-We often add some mysteries and some surprises to our boring life, try more areas that we have not touched, and let ourselves experience more fun. At this time, the mysterious diamond painting is the best gift for yourself. Whether it is buying a diamond painting or receiving a product, this kind of mystery always exists before the diamond painting is completed.

[HD Canvas]-The colorless canvas is waterproof and has uniform texture. The colorless canvas itself has a sticky background, and there is plastic on the top to keep the picture sticky, and then the gems will keep, so you can easily complete the picture.

[Enrich your life]-DIY diamond painting can experience a sense of accomplishment, learn to reduce stress, adjust emotions, enhance self-confidence and perseverance, and cultivate patience. It is suitable for adults, elderly and children. They are for parents, children, lovers and friends The best gift.

[Wall Decoration]-Our diamond painting kit can help you make your living room, bedroom and other places come alive. Diamond paintings are the best decoration for living rooms and offices to make your home look more beautiful.

1 X Diamond Painting (diamonds need to be pasted)
1set X Diamond Painting Tools (not including painting frame)